Art Exhibition by Kamran Azim at Saraya

Join us for a beautiful evening at Saraya Art Space this Saturday, 10th – 30th November 2019 at 7pm to 11pm to immerse ourselves into the impressions, feelings and affects of the talented Artist, Kamran Azim. – and enjoy the beautiful ambience, music, tasters, people and much more.

art exhibition

About the Art –

My paintings start with a few strokes or marks on a blank canvas. These marks come from some theme I may have in mind or it can come through just intuition, mood or even music that’s playing in the background. These marks help set some form of rhythm with the canvas and the process of painting begins. I use layers upon layers of paint, alter light, colour, shadow and form, which come from visual memories of whatever I have seen, saved somewhere in my subconscious. It is a process which reveals to me my innermost self and often surprises me.

Abstract landscapes and cityscapes are the most naturally conceived themes by me. Sometimes within that is embedded in various aspects of life, my beliefs and desires. A woman is seen as nature, nurturer, creative, delicate, powerful, erotic and supreme. Walkways represent life as a continuous journey going through different places mentally as well as physically. Birds and animals are also visible in some paintings. I use elements like doors, windows, stairs and some other as symbols to represent different aspects and situations of life. In the end, I hope to provide to the viewer a platform of colour and form to trigger his or her own visual memories and feel different emotions like happiness, encouragement, fulfilment, romance, nostalgia and also melancholy as a mature reflective emotion amongst others.

About the Artist-

Born the eldest son of a father who was a commercial artist and a mother who was a drawing teacher, so naturally, Kamran Azim refused to grow up to be a painter. However, he couldn’t deny his aptitude for the arts and graduated from the Delhi College of Art as an applied artist in 2002.

During his brief stint in advertising, he executed various projects for agencies like Mudra and McCann Erickson, while simultaneously indulging in painting. But visual effects in Hollywood blockbusters kept him mesmerized and he went on to explore the 3D world. The canvas and brush were soon left behind. Before he could finish the 3D animation course he enrolled with, in Delhi, he landed a job in one of the most respected animation companies in Mumbai, Maya Entertainment. After working for about five years in Mumbai, he moved to international waters securing a post-graduate diploma in animation from the Media Design School, New Zealand in 2010.

After pursuing the digital canvas for more than a decade and mastering it, he finally gave in to his love for the original canvas and found his way back to the beginning and started his pursuit with art in earnest in2017. In just one year he has won hearts of people not just in India but also Internationally selling works to collectors in Germany and Russia.