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At Saraya we strive towards being ecologically sustainable, by using as much organic produce in our cooking as we can, and using as many ingredients as possible from our very own farm.

Our menu is bursting with freshness. From beetroot to basil, from capsicum to cashew, we hand pick our ingredients so that we can provide you with the finest lemongrass, zucchini, ruccola, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, pineapple and so much more.

Our dishes are flavoured with carefully selected herbs and spices, to give your senses an indulgent experience. We use fresh coriander daily, along with thyme, rosemary, oregano, star anise, cinnamon and cardamom to make sure our food is seasoned and spiced to perfection.

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Try our home made hummus or pesto, prepared upon order – nothing comes from a jar at Saraya! Our pizzas, baked in a wood-fired cob oven, are made from whole wheat, and a gluten-free pizza can be made on request. We use four different cheeses, and a variety of toppings to suit every taste. Try our Spicy Hawaiian – pineapple, jalepeno peppers, onion, mozzarella and feta cheese, and our home-made tabasco sauce, made from birds-eye chillies grown on our own farm. Or why not go for our Saraya Special? One of our best selling pizzas, it features herb roasted mushrooms, spinach, black olives, feta cheese, caramelised onions, cherry tomatoes and rucola.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try the best dessert strudel in Goa. This melt-in-the-mouth dream dessert is made with seasonal fruits, raisins and home made peanut butter, blended and caramelised, and baked in a crispy puff pastry, accompanied by two scoops of ice cream and your choice of topping – chocolate sauce, honey or golden syrup.

We also cater for the most discerning customers, offering vegan options on our menu, including a vegan pizza and our delicious vegan ice cream.

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If you are looking for liquid refreshment then we have an assortment of specialist juices and ice teas to cater to every mood. Try our Lemonana – a simple but explosive combination of lemon and mint, or our Herbal Fantasy – featuring the exotic and intriguing combination of lemon, mint, coriander and basil. Our home made lemongrass and ginger lemon iced tea is guaranteed to quench your thirst, as well as being nutritious and cleansing. We also serve organic coffee, and a variety of teas from around the world.

As all of our food is prepared from fresh, the approximate waiting time is 20-30 minutes once you place your order. We appreciate your patience, and we guarantee it will be worth the wait!

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The Saraya Cafe is constructed from bamboo and other recycled materials, using traditional building methods. We’ve created a space that is welcoming and relaxing, with a calm atmosphere provided by thoughtful mood lighting, and carefully selected music that lifts the spirits and intrigues the ears, skipping from genre to genre to make sure sure everyone feels at home.

We hope to see you soon at Cafe Saraya!


Open: Everyday 12pm – 4pm and 7pm – 11pm (Closed Wednesdays)

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