About Volunteering at Saraya

If we attempt to define what Saraya is, it would be an eco-stay, gallery space and cafe. The word itself, however, means “to begin, to flow”, which is what we are constantly striving to do. Here at Saraya, we are continually pushing ourselves to establish spaces where people can come together to create, share and experience art, food and live in rhythm with nature. We depend on a constant stream of volunteers to help us achieve this. We welcome both long term and short term help. sorry-were-full

Types of work

The kind of work is varied and requires flexibility depending on the current needs and ever-changing flow. However, the main work revolves around cafe, garden, general maintenance and the eco-stay. We also encourage volunteers to share any skills, talents or wishes they may have with us. We believe in a reciprocal exchange of energy, where we give and receive in unison.


The cafe is open for lunch and dinner between the hours of 12-3pm and 7-10pm. As a volunteer if you are working a cafe shift, you will do either 12-4pm or 7-11pm. This involves taking orders, payments, clearing tables and other general waitressing duties. 


There is a couple of small organic gardens farmed using permaculture principles. Help is always needed here with watering, planting, mulching, weeding etc.

General Maintenance

There is always things around the premises that need fixing or renovating. This type of work varies  on the seasons and needs of the place. An example of this type of work would be helping to fix roofs before monsoon or sanding wood to be reused for other materials. 


The eco-stay has accommodation in the form of earth houses and tree houses. Volunteers help to keep the premises clean for example sweeping the paths and removing leaves.

Working Schedule

The working hours are 4 hours a day 6 days a week. Wednesday is a day off.

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation is basic dormitory style mixed accommodation. Bed, sheets, blankets, and mosquito nets are provided. There are two bathrooms by the dormitory for the volunteers use with solar powered hot water.  

Food is all vegetarian cooked from healthy, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Breakfast is at 8:30am, lunch is at 1:30pm and dinner is at 9pm. Every morning at 9am there is a volunteer meeting to designate tasks for the day. On Wednesdays only breakfast is provided, but no lunch and dinner. Volunteers are welcome to use the kitchen for vegetarian cooking and often cook all together on this day. 

Free Time

There is lots to explore around Goa during free time. Beaches and markets are easily accessible by scooter or by using the local buses. Volunteers are also welcome to relax, create and use the spaces within Saraya. There is free wifi and a library stacked full of books. We also often do movie nights and arrange workshops or lessons for each other. This is often things like yoga, meditation, or learning how to make soap/toothpaste etc. Anything that anyone is interested in really!

There is lots to gain and enjoy from volunteering at Saraya. You will meet volunteers from all over the world and at the same time benefit from the knowledge and friendship of the small team of local permanent staff. The kitchen staff are also happy to share their recipe secrets. Zora (permaculture enthusiast) has a wealth of permaculture knowledge for anyone seeking to learn and Deeksha (the founder) has so many pearls of wisdom to impart that you will not want to leave! 

Every volunteer leaves with more than they came and at the same time the exchange helps us continually evolve. 

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